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The Compassionate Friends
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is 685 William Avenue?

A. We are on the north side of William Avenue across from the Ambulance Entrance to the Children's Hospital.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Besides meter parking there is an indoor parkade on the west side of 685 William Avenue. Limited parking is also available one block north of William on Elgin Avenue.

Q. Is there a charge to attend?

A. There is no charge to attend. We rely on voluntary donations from members, friends and the community at large.

Q. My child was older when he died. Can I still come?

A. Your child is still your child whether you miscarried your baby or your child was an adult. There is no age barrier.

Q. My child died many years ago and I did not seek out a support group. Is it too late to come to The Compassionate Friends?

A. Many parents don't feel the need of a support group until years after the death of a child. It's all right to come whenever you are ready, whether it's soon after your child's death, months later or years later.

Q. Some children die from causes which tend to carry a stigma such as murder, AIDS, suicide and auto erotic asphyxia. Would these parents be welcome?

A. TCF is for all bereaved parents regardless of the circumstances of death.

Q. Does TCF have any religious affiliation?

A. TCF does not follow any particular religion or philosophy of life. People are encouraged to share what helps them and sometimes faith is a cornerstone for some, but not for others.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment before I come to the drop in or Sharing Meeting?

A. No appointment is necessary. We encourage you to come when you feel you are ready.

Q. May I bring a friend to the drop in or Sharing Meeting?

A. We encourage a friend or family member accompany you. Confidentiality is expected from all who attend.

Q. May I bring my surviving child(ren)?

A. Since we are a self-help organization, bereaved siblings must be 16 years or older to attend. For concerns with younger children, we can provide a list of professional resources.

Q. Will I have to talk?

A. No one is required to talk. Sometimes just listening to others is helpful.

Q. What happens at a Sharing Meeting?

A. We begin in a large circle. Sometimes we have guest speakers who share their insight and expertise on aspects of grief and healing. We introduce ourselves, read the TCF guidelines, then break into smaller circles where we have the opportunity to share our story.

Q. How can I obtain your newsletter or more information about your group?

A. Contact the office at (204) 787-4896. Please leave your name and phone number on our voice mail system. Calls are picked up on a regular basis.